Angaria [mirabilis] 1205ZE

Angaria [mirabilis] new spec.

47.9 mm

Palawan, Philippines


5 thoughts on “Angaria [mirabilis] 1205ZE

  1. Hello!

    Dear Mr.Metapher, great site and great photos of such tiny and marvellous shells! Please, can you give information to me about last description of Angaria mirabilis you note like new sp. I try to find publications but have no clues

    Best regards,
    Denis Frolov

  2. Dear Mr. Frolov, thanks for your feedback.
    Our studies in this Angaria variant – and btw. two others(!) – which are here preliminary designated in [brackets] are not yet finished. Until now similar specimens are circulating on the market and in collections as A. delphinus or formosa or aculeata or just “spec.”. But we have found a distinct set of properties which are reason to suggest them as distinct spec. (and not “forma” or “subspec”).

    But we found also some variants which aggravate the differential diagnostic against a distinct other known A. species. So we have to do further studies.

    We hope to finish soon. Publication is just prepared and I will announce it here.

    Kind reagards
    Manfred Gies

  3. Thank you very much for answer! I hope you will issue this description soon and we can read about it. Angaria family(or subfamily, like some scientists think) is not so popular in collections, but one of the greatest ans I think. How can I contact you in private by e-mail, have some questions to discuss.

    Wait for your answer

    Best regards,
    Denis Frolov

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